Gimmik Hoodies from Fruit of the loom - new thinking to printing on hoodys

A innovative product on the block is this new Gimmik Hoodies from the fruit of the loom brand - so what is it? and how does one achieve all of the possible creative designs which are shown in the trade shows and shops? Could this style gain the same popularity and momentum which 'onesies' has achieved over the last year or so? Well time will tell if this design will become an instant viral in the age of social media. What is clear that there is something about this style which the kids would love - the back printing of creative and unique designs will make it a top seller especially for things like Halloween with back print to be skull or a vampire etc. Besides that there are other possibilities for this Gimmik hoodie in which the back could be printed with the face of a popular musician, artistic or celebrity. This product will be available at wholesale prices in plain and printed. For more information contact us today on

gimmik hoodies

Fabrication and colour options available in the GimmiK hoodies

The fabric of these hoodys from Fruit of the loom will be 80% cotton (based on Belcoro® Yarn) and 20% polyester with a net GSM of 280. Sizes for Adults: Small to XX-Large Kids: 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13, 14-15 Colours: Black, Navy, Ash Grey . This product has a nice fitting for adults and children. Below chart shows the print area for the back of the hood - now garment decorators have the possibility of printing on the back of the hood which was some what very difficult in the traditional classic pullover styles of the past due the back heavy seams which were the obstruction for a clean and smooth printable area.

back hood specification for gimmik hoody

So what are the printing examples or ideas on this Gimmik hoody

Below are some of the examples to illustrate the possibilities which are possible with this hooded - e.g. you can have your favourite person or individual face printed, or have a skull (great for Halloween), face of Frankenstein, storm troopers, favourite musician or even Karl Marx etc..! The list goes on..! The idea of using this for stag or hen night clothing could be another popular use for this product.

ideas for gimmik hooded sweatshirt

Place Orders for this product in plain and printed all at wholesale Gimmik prices in adult and children sizes via email, FACSIMILE (+ 44(0)208 519 1489) or by PHONE (+44(0)208 519 1488 OR +44(0)208 503 0563)


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